Monday, September 28, 2009


Reed after the football game with Blue Ridge
He won the game!!!!
Reed #63 ready for kick off

Reed #63 on the line against Payson - won the game

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Have Been Blessed! #15 Grandchild

Jeni's a trooper!
Wendy and Anna were a great help

Clint cuts Hayli's cord

Our little princess!

Hayli's oxgen level was low - had to have a little help

Big sisters seeing their little sister for the first time

Wow!! I have a sister!

One of many kisses to come!

My baby! You can't have her! Lizzie very protective of Hayli

Aunt Sharnell loving on Hayli

Grandpa Hatch happy that she's here.

Rayli's moms best helper.

Welcome Hayli Mae to the Hatch Family! Such a beautiful girl!

Mason's Graduation

Mason receives his diploma

Big brother - little brother
McLafferty Family
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What a bunch!!!!! Audrey are you there?